Download the Google Cloud Printer

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Google Cloud Print Apps Free Download

Google Cloud Print Apps On All Devices:
Apps that work with Google Cloud Print:
The apps listed here work with Google Cloud Print. When you submit a print job, you can use the Google Cloud Print management page to track it.

On all devices:
Google Chrome. You can print any of the open tabs in the Chrome browser to Google Cloud Print. On Chromebooks, Cloud Print is the default print option.
Mobile Google apps. If you access Gmail or Google Drive through your phone’s browser, you can print any email, document, spreadsheet, or other Drive file through Google Cloud Print. Using the print2docs feature, you can also save any file to your Drive account for safekeeping. From your phone, go to

On your Android device:
PrinterShare™ Mobile Print. Mobile Print is an Android app that supports several forms of printing, including Google Cloud Print. It can print pictures, web pages, calendar events, contacts, text messages, emails, Google Docs, and other files.
PrinterShare(tm) Mobile Print on Google Play
Fiabee is a cloud sync app that lets you print documents to Google Cloud Print from the Android or Chrome apps. Fiabee on Google Play. Fiabee on Chrome Web Store.
Google Cloud Print. Cloud Print is the official Android app for printing to Google Cloud Print from your Android devices. Once it's installed, you can share your documents, photos, or PDFs to the app, choose your printer and preferred print options, and hit Print -- that's all there is to it. Open the app to view your recently submitted print jobs, check their current status, and select downloaded files to print. Cloud Print on Google Play.

On your iOS device:
PrintCentral Pro. PrintCentral Pro is an iOS app that lets you to print to a number of services, including Google Cloud Print. PrintCentral Pro allows you to print emails and attachments, contacts, web pages, text messages, and more.
PrintCentral Pro online. PrintCentral Pro on iTunes: iPhone / iPod Touch | iPad.

On your Mac or Windows PC:
Any web browser. On any web page, if you see a “Print” button with the Google Cloud Print logo, you can print without leaving your browser.
Google Cloud Printer for Windows. The Google Cloud Printer makes it easy to print to your cloud printers from any app on Windows. Just install the printer, then print as you normally would from other apps. Google Cloud Print Windows Driver.

Download the Google Cloud Printer

Google Cloud Print Apps Free Download

Google Cloud Print Apps Info:
Set up your printer with Google Cloud Print. To print over Wi-Fi from your computer, or to quickly share your printer with others, you can connect your printer to Google Cloud Print.

You’ll need:
A printer that connects to Wi-Fi
A computer with the Chrome browser installed. Learn how to install Chrome.

Step 1: Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Connect it to your Wi-Fi network. If you’re not sure how, follow your printer manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Turn on your computer.
  • Connect your computer to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer.
Step 2: Figure out if your printer is cloud-ready
  • Go to the cloud-ready printers page and search for your printer manufacturer and model.
  • If your printer name has "v2" next to it, your printer is cloud-ready (version 2.0).
  • If your printer name doesn’t have a "v2," your printer is cloud-ready (version 1.0).
  • If your printer is not listed, your printer is not cloud-ready. But if it can connect to Wi-Fi, you can set it up with Google Cloud Print.
Step 3: Connect your printer to Google Cloud Print
Connect a printer that’s not cloud-ready
Important: To set up this printer, you’ll need a PC or Mac computer. You can’t use a Chromebook.
  • On your PC or Mac, find your system settings, then find the printing section.
  • Add your printer to your computer. If you need help, refer to the Mac or Windows help site.
  • Open Chrome Chrome.
  • Type chrome://devices and press Enter.
  • Under "Classic Printers," click Add printers.
  • In the "Printers to register" section, select the printer you want to share, then click Add printer(s).
  • To check if your printer was added, click Manage your printers.
  • Tip: To let someone else print from this printer, or to print from this printer on a Chromebook, you’ll need to share the printer. Learn how to share your printer.

Download the Google Cloud Printer

Google Cloud Print Apps Free Download

Google Cloud Print Apps For Android Information:
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