TaxAct 2017 Software Download

TaxAct 2017 Software Download

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TaxAct 2017 Software Download
A few citizens are qualified to set up their government assessment forms at no cost utilizing online expense programming that is made accessible through Free File, collusion made between the Internal Revenue Service and driving duty readiness programming suppliers. These items make charge planning free—or possibly exceptionally economical—for some Americans, however, a few impediments do have any significant bearing.  TaxAct 2017 Software Download

Government law restricts Free Filing to citizens with balanced gross earnings of $66,000 or less in the 2017 expense year. This is the arrival you'll document in 2018. In any case, every product supplier can and frequently sets its own criteria for qualification. Now and again, the pay limit is less, in spite of the fact that it can't be more than $66,000. Some age limitations may likewise apply, and not these projects are accessible in all states.

TaxAct 2017 Software Download

Fortunately, the IRS offers an amazingly supportive intelligent instrument on its site where you can basically respond to a couple of inquiries concerning your age, your pay, and where you live. The wizard will reveal to you which of these product programs are accessible to you.

TaxACT's bright and inviting interface and solid assist capacities with making this product exceptionally valuable. TaxACT gets excellent grades for including retention adding machine, FAFSA worksheets, and direction on the medical coverage order.

TaxAct 2017 Software Download

It's free for government use, and state returns are free too. Free File Alliance clients must be age 56 or more youthful with AGIs of under $53,000 or be qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit or have an AGI of under $66,000 in case you're well-trained military.  TaxAct 2017 Software Download

On the off chance that you don't meet these rules however your expense circumstance is with the end goal that you're wanting to record one of the simpler tax documents, 1040A or 1040EZ, TaxACT offers this administration for nothing also separate from its Free File administration. In the event that your duty circumstance is progressively muddled, you can pay $15 for master help.

Taxact Software Benefits:

  • Multiple import options to save time, Transfer vital personal data from last year's tax return, including information required for IRS e-file. Plus, minimize errors by importing charitable donations, stocks, W-2s, and more!
  • All the free support you need, Never get stumped by a tax question. Search for the fastest answers in the Answer Center, or contact us for free tax & technical support when you need it.
  • Reduce your audit risk with TaxAct Alerts, TaxAct inspects your return for errors and omissions that could increase your risk of an audit, and finds valuable tax-saving opportunities you may have missed.
  • Turn your donations into tax savings, Donation Assistant® tracks your charitable donations and provides audit-backed values to eliminate guesswork and maximize your tax deduction.
  • Finds all your credits & deductions, Maximize your deductions and minimize your taxes with TaxAct Deluxe. All the forms & features you need are included so you get your guaranteed maximum refund.
  • Perfect for your unique situation, Get the biggest tax breaks from your mortgage interest, investments and more. If you own a home, have investments, or made charitable donations, TaxAct Deluxe has the forms and tools for your specific tax situation.
  • Free Amended Tax Returns, Need to amend your IRS return? File Form 1040X at any time - no upsells or upgrades required.
  • Finish your state return in minutes, Your federal information automatically flows into your state tax forms so you can finish and file your state return in minutes!
  • Step-by-step guidance for maximum refund, Your return is guaranteed 100% accurate, and you'll get your maximum refund the fastest way possible with e-file.
  • Bookmarks, Navigate your return on your terms. Simply Bookmark a question to return to it at any time.
  • My Forms, Get a personalized view of the forms and schedules included in your return. Easily add copies of needed documents and view your in-progress forms.
TaxAct 2017 Software Download

Downloading and Installing TaxAct. 

Want a demonstration? Take a look at our How to Download & Install TaxAct Professional Editions video. 
Once you receive your order confirmation and know your Username and Password, follow these instructions to download and install your TaxAct Professional and/or Desktop Editions.
Note - You can re-download and install any previously purchased software (back to 2011) at no additional charge by following these same instructions.
  1. Sign In to your TaxAct account.
  2. Click the Orders and Downloads tile.
  3. Click the Download link by the product you wish to download. If multiple products are available, click the View link to access the individual Download links.
  4. Save the file to a location you will have access to such as "Downloads," "My Documents" or "Desktop."*
  5. Once downloaded, double-click on the file icon to install the software.
* If you are using Windows SmartScreen, we recommend using the default Windows "Downloads" folder if you are getting a corrupt or invalid download error. Download times vary depending on your Internet connection and how much traffic is on the website.

TaxAct 2018 Download

TaxAct 1040 Federal Updates Download:

TaxAct 2017 Basic Edition                            Download
TaxAct 2017 Plus Edition                              Download
TaxAct 2017 Premium Edition                 Download
TaxAct 2017 Freelancer Edition                 Download
TaxAct 2017 Sole Proprietor Edition         Download
TaxAct 2017 Professional 1040 Edition         Download
TaxAct 2017 Professional 1040 Enterprise Edition Download

Taxact Software requirements:

Requirements For Windows Version:
Windows 10: Chrome Latest Version, Firefox Latest Version, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge.
Windows 8.1: Chrome Latest Version, Firefox Latest Version, Internet Explorer 11.
After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. For the best experience and security of your data, you will need to update your system to Windows 8.1 or 10.                        Link Download

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